True Fibre Telecom
Who we are

TrueFibre Telecom is an Australian owned and operated Internet Service Provider. Our vision is to deliver Australia’s fastest, most reliable, unlimited and affordable Gigabit Fibre Internet for the commercial and industrial sectors.

Why us

Utilising world's leading and cutting-edge direct fibre broadband technology, we are connecting Australian businesses, without relying on ancient ADSL and inefficient NBN connections or any other outdated available technologies. We offer the most affordable prices in line with the rest of the developed world.

Our Product

Unlike most other internet service providers in Australia, our plans are symmetrical which means you will enjoy the same upload and download speeds throughout the day and night.

All of our plans are unlimited, featuring incredibly robust and reliable connections at ultra-fast speeds.

Our products are a result of clever engineering. In addition, our Australian based control centre monitors 24 hours per day and 7 days per week the performance of each and every individual client, to ensure we deliver on our quality promises.